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User Training & Facilities Guidelines

New User Registration:

Use this form to register as a lab user. We need this form to bill time and materials. After the form is completed, please email to purduesil@gmail.com or yoon86@purdue.edu 

New User Training:

Each new user must be trained on the equipment before access is allowed. Training consists of two 2 h sessions. There will be a charge for training ($20/h). 

To schedule training, please contact lab administrators at purduesil@gmail.com or yoon86@purdue.edu.

Laser Safety by REM

Online laser safety training must be completed before your imaging lab training session.

REM requires Laser Safety Training. Please access training at: http://www.purdue.edu/rem/rs/rstrain.htm#LST

This training program consists of an online "Laser Safety Training: Class 3B and Class 4 Lasers" course, followed by an abbreviated classroom session. The "Laser Safety Retraining" course requires completion every 2 years for these same users, and is also available online.

REM Laser Safety Training forms:

Facility Guidelines:

  • Register first (new user)
  • Reserve the Lab online.  You will get an email if there is any issue with your reservation.  Cancel early to avoid the penalty charge.
  • Show up on time.  Lab administrators will turn on the system and help you set up the system for your application
  • After finishing acquisition, clean up lenses with designated lens paper and cleaning solution. Also, notify us by calling 494-0976
  • If you are the last user of the day, switch off the system by following the guidelines of the equipment.