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Supporting Latino Clients

Course Number: 13687

(1 CE) 1 Continuing Education Unit offered

Speaker: Dr. Ruth Landau


Latinos are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States.  By 2050, it is projected that Latinos will comprise 30% of the U.S. population.  Despite the Latino population explosion, little is known about the quality of veterinary care provided to pets of Spanish-speaking owners who have limited English proficiency (LEP).  We will discuss results from three national studies that describe the veterinary communication experience between LEP Latino pet owners and the small animal veterinary team.  There will also be some insight into ways to improve communication in your hospital with Spanish-speaking pet owners who have limited English proficiency.  No Spanish language background needed!




The Social Vet I

Course Number: 13689

(1 CE) 1 Continuing Education Unit offered

Speaker: Bill Schroeder


You’ve heard the buzz about social media but may not know how to start, where to focus your attention, and/or how to develop content that encourages interaction.  This course will help you identify today’s most beneficial social channels, introduce you to some techniques that engage your clients, and identify who should be managing your social media program.



The Social Vet II

Course Number: 13700

(1 CE) 1 Continuing Education Unit offered

Speaker: Bill Schroeder


Online reviews have become a very popular method for pet owners to share their feelings about veterinary practices. In turn, many people read reviews when selecting a veterinary practice. The course will help practices understand the review process, how to promote positive reviews, and how to manage the negative.




The Anatomy and Physiology of Anesthetic Machines

Course Number: 11737

(1 CE) 1 Continuing Education Unit offered

Speaker: Harry Latshaw


This lecture is an introduction to the anesthetic machine. The focus will be to identify the various components of the machine (i.e. one way valves, pop-off valve and vaporizer). Attention will also be given to the function of each of the components and how that may affect the other components. Tips for daily care of the machine will be addressed.




Course Number: 11750

(.5 CE) .5 Continuing Education Unit offered

Speaker: Carrie LaCombe


A review of the EKG. Troubleshooting to get a reliable EKG regardless of patient position and common anesthetic arrhythmias will be reviewed.



Team Communication: Perception vs. Reality

Course Number: 11980

(1 CE) 1 Continuing Education Unit offered

Speaker: Jamie Walsh


Is that what I said or is that what you heard?  In today’s technology and skill-driven workplace, communication misperceptions are common.  This presentation will highlight communication strategies common to the cohesive veterinary team when pursuing the goals of quality patient care and client satisfaction.