Bash Halow, CVMP, LVT
Veterinary & Veterinary Practice Consultant

"Without VMI, I would never would have made the transition from office supervisor to practice manager. The program didn't just teach me skills; it gave me my first real insight into leadership. The learning takes place in the company of other enthusiastic, smart, aspiring veterinary professionals. The collegiality helps one to understand the material better and to retain it better."

Rachel Muur
PVM DVM Class of 2014

"I found the program to be extremely helpful and I feel that I am better prepared to enter the real world of practicing medicine as well as managing the business/financial side of a veterinary career...I am extremely proud of graduating from the program and I believe it will be something that sets me apart from my colleagues while applying for jobs. The networking I was able to do was amazing. I now know clinicians from all over the United States and Canada. I set up my externship with one of the clinicians I met through the program and I still keep in touch with many of the other friends I made. As a student, the clinicians going through the program will be able to tell you what they wish they would have done differently which is priceless information. With the goal of owning my own practice, the foundation I have built through the Krannert program will be invaluable to making my goal a reality."

Dr. Parva Bezrutczyk
Arizona Animal Wellness Center, Gilbert, Ariz.

"It’s been invaluable…The first program, the Human Resources program, kind of opened-up our eyes to an open book management process, and we hadn’t really thought about that. It helped us to determine a little bit better where we are and deliver that to our team. The second module, which was finance, helped us to measure and better deliver where we are and what we needed to do, so that really was encouraging to be able to provide measurements to our team to let them know what we were doing and where we needed to go with that. The marketing then was very eye opening…things that we needed to do in order to deliver that now to the public…and to our clients, and letting them know how we are different from other hospitals and what we were doing for their pets that was for the best of their pets.

I also would recommend coming to this particular program with your office manager – the owner and the office manager together. I think it’s much easier to be able to proceed forward with the ideas that are delivered in the program, when you have both people here being able to discuss these things."