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Applicants new to Purdue (Freshmen)

 1. Complete the Common Application and Purdue portion of the application form. This form is available at www.purdue.edu/Admissions/Undergrad/

  • Admission application must be completed on or before November 1 of the year prior to admission
  • supporting documents to be submitted to Purdue: high school transcripts, SAT scores and/or ACT scores

2. Complete and submit the Veterinary Technology Experience Report by November 1.

What happens next?

In December, completed applications submitted by the deadlines listed above are reviewed by the Veterinary Technology Admissions Committee.

  • Pre-requisite course requirements for admission to the Veterinary Technology program are verified
  • Candidate's admission application and Experience Report are evaluated for:
    • academic performance
    • standardized testing scores
    • experiences in a veterinary health care environment
    • animal experiences
    • understanding and exposure to the veterinary technology career

Qualified candidates from the applicant pool are invited to an interview during January. Faculty and staff of the Veterinary Technology Committee conduct a 20 minute interview. An interview is mandatory to be considered for admission.

After all the interviews are complete, the Veterinary Technology Committee will review all interviewed applicants’ portfolios. Decision notifications will be available from Purdue's admission portal in February.