VCS 201 Pharmacy Procedures for Veterinary Technicians

Credit: 1.0

Course Offered: Spring, Summer, Fall

Prerequisite Courses: VM 105

Prerequisite Note:

Instructor: Dan Walsh, MS, LVT

Course Description:

The course introduces students to the concepts of pharmacy used in veterinary practice. Concepts covered in this course include basic record keeping, safe handling of drugs and chemicals, inventory control, calculation of amount of drugs to be dispensed or dosed, reading prescriptions, labeling drug containers, compounding and drug regulatory matters that impact the veterinary hospital pharmacy.

Course Objectives:

Method of Delivery: Primarily web-based exercises, textbook and examinations (online or paper). The exercises will be completed online and submitted to the instructor. Supplemental material will be offered online as content (in addition to the textbook). Quizzes and exams will be sent to a proctor. The proctor must be a veterinarian, an accredited veterinary technician (RVT, LVT or CVT) or an educator/teacher at a school, college or university. The proctor will return the completed exam to the instructor for grading.