BMS 115 Anatomy for Veterinary Technicians I - Distance Learning

Credit: 1.5

Course Offered: Spring, Fall

Prerequisite Courses:

Prerequisite Note:

Instructor: Maggie Lump, RVT

Course Description:

This course is the first of two courses in the distance learning program that presents an introduction to the study of the major body systems and topographic relationships of the major domesticated species, with emphasis on the carnivore.

Course Objectives:

Method of Delivery: Primarily web-based exercises, textbook, and on-line or paper examination. The course is a series of lessons to be completed by the student. The assignments will include understanding the material present on the VT-DLP web site, completion of assignments on the internet, assignments related to the students' pets. Testing will be done over the internet or via paper examination mailed to the proctor, opened by a proctor, and resealed and returned by mail from the proctor.