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Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases and Immunology

Research in Infectious Diseases is aimed at developing improved methods for detection of infectious organisms and the development of novel therapeutics and vaccines. The immunology research supports the infectious disease efforts and investigates mechanisms underlying inflammatory disease processes. Learn more > 

Cancer Biology


Cancer research is aimed at identifying new approaches for treatment and prevention of cancer in animals and people. The research takes a comparative approach with an emphasis on experimental and spontaneous cancers in animal models including zebra fish, mice and dogs. Learn more > 



Research in Neuroscience is aimed at finding new treatments for traumatic injury and degenerative diseases of the central nervous system. Learn more > 

Orthopedics and Tissue Engineering

Orthopedics and Tissue Engineering

Research in Orthopedics and Tissue Engineering focuses on the biology of bone and cartilage, and novel diagnostic and surgical approaches to soft and hard tissue trauma. Learn more > 

Human Animal Bond Research at PVM

Animal Welfare Science and Human-Animal Bond

Research in this area focuses on issues at the interface of veterinary medicine, public health and society. Learn more >