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Standard Procedure for Equipment Start and Shut-down

  • START the equipment:

    1. Locate the switch panel and turn on the buttons and turn the key (LEFT -> RIGHT; Wait 30 sec between the first and second switches)
    2. Turn on Epifluorescent illuminator and EOM (for MP) or STED laser (for superresolution)
      Epifluorescent IlluminatorEOMSTED Laser 
    3. Turn on computer and log-in as "TCS-user"
    4. Start LAS AF program
      1. Click on configure -- > selected mode
      2. If using MP, make sure to turn on interface MP laser --> MP shutter ON
      3. Check "activate resonance" and/or "STED" (must do this last)
      4. Click start
    5. Procedure for SP5 / STED / MP start-up. Check "YES" for initialization of microscope stage in LAS AF click configuration -- > lasers and check boxes for lasers to turn on.

  • SHUT-DOWN the equipment:

    1. In LAS AF click configuration -- > lasers, un-check ALL lasers to "OFF"
    2. Switch first two buttons on control panel
    3. Switch the "laser" button off (3rd from the left) after 10 minutes to allow for proper cooling.
      Laser Button Off
    4. Turn off Epifluorescence illuminator, EOM driver or STED laser.
      Epifluorescence Illuminator EOM Laser STED Laser
    5. Absorb water/oil off of lens of microscope with wet lens paper. Be careful not to scratch lens
    6. Clean lens with WET lens paper (Sparkle)
    7. Place cover back on microscope