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You have already learned that medical doctors and veterinary doctors have a lot in common. Use the following links to learn more about the specific kinds of work some veterinarians perform with animals.

Taking the Blood Pressure of a Cat
Catfish Autopsy
Physical Exam
Cat Spay
A Day in the Life of a Swine Vet


Research using these links to learn about careers in medicine and make a list of these careers and what they mean in your notebook. Be sure to leave spaces at the end of your list in case you find more careers later.


Now see how many veterinary careers you can find. List and define them in your notebook just like you did before. Challenge yourself to make the longest list you possibly can. Talk to your classmates about any new or unusual careers you find in your research.


Think about similarities and differences between doctors and veterinarians.

Compare doctors and vets by creating a Venn diagram in your notebook. You will need this information to build a concept map with your class.

Well done! Now you may advance to your Next Task.

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