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VCS Seminar: Dr. Timothy Hui

VCS Seminar - Dr. Timothy Hui

Spontaneous hyperthyroidism is the most common endocrinopathy of older cats leading to excessive secretion of thyroid hormones.  Clinical signs include weight loss despite polyphagia, polyuria/polydipsia, and gastrointestinal signs such as vomiting and diarrhea.  Current treatment options include oral thyroid peroxidase inhibitors such as methimazole, surgical management with thyroidectomy, and radioactive iodine (I131) treatment.  Various factors such as client and patient compliance, side effects of therapy, financial burden, duration of hospitalization, and availability of treatment options dictate treatment choice.  A newer management technique is the use of an iodine-restricted diet to help bring the serum thyroid concentrations into normal values. 

In this seminar, first the role of iodine in the body will be reviewed with a focus on thyroid uptake and metabolism of this essential micronutrient into hormones. Then, previous literature pertaining to the development of the diet and its use in client-owned cats will be reviewed. A multi-center study performed here at Purdue University and VCA-West Los Angeles using an iodine-restricted diet in cats with spontaneous hyperthyroidism will be presented. Results regarding the diet’s abilities to both bring serum thyroid concentrations within reference range and control clinical signs will be discussed. Finally, the implications of the study results in terms of the use of the iodine restricted diet to manage feline hyperthyroidism as well as potential future research studies involving the diet will be discussed.

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VCS Seminar: Dr. Jim Weisman

VCS Seminar - Dr. Jim Weiseman

The Career Transition series is intended for current 4th year students as they begin the process of seeking associate positions or applying to additional training opportunities. Dr. Weisman is a Clinical Assistant Professor and the Director of Student Services for the College of Veterinary Medicine.

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VCS Seminar: Dr. David Upchurch

VCS Seminar - Dr. David Upchurch

Skin shrinkage affects marginal tumor assessment in unknown ways.  The objective of this research is to assess the effects of sample size and location, skin tension lines, and formalin fixation on the extent of shrinkage that occurs in excised canine skin samples, and to compare shrinkage in normal skin with that in skin affected by cutaneous mast cell tumors. 

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NAVC Lecture: Dr. Candace Croney

Monday, January 19, 2015
5:30 p.m. - 6:45 p.m.

Learn more about the 2015 NAVC Conference>>

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Horseman's Forum

Saturday, February 7, 2015
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Lynn Hall
625 Harrison Street
West Lafayette, IN 47906

5.5 hours of CE available

The Horseman’s Forum is an educational workshop for horse owners and equine industry professionals to learn about current horse health issues, ranging from basic preventive health care and husbandry topics to state-of-the-art medical advancements. Presenters will include Purdue faculty and staff as well as invited speakers. Tours of the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine Large Animal Hospital facilities and an equine treadmill demonstration will be given. Come and share our passion for horses at Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine!  Registration is now open.  Click here to register online.  Click here to view the registration form.  Click here to view the program.

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Small Animal Veterinary Technology Symposium

Small Animal Veterinary Technology Symposium

PVM's First Small Animal Veterinary Technician Specialty Symposium
March 1, 2015
7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Lynn Hall, Room 1136
625 Harrison Street
West Lafayette, IN 47906

Cost (includes lunch): $75 for technicians, $25 for students

Up to 7 hours of CE available

Lectures will consist of sessions with DVMs and technicians with specialties (VTS) in Clinical Practice, Cardiology, Small Animal Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology. Up to 7 hours of CE will be available. Registration is now open. Click here to register. Click here to view the program.

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PVM Fall Conference Future Dates Schedule

Purdue Veterinary Medicine's Annual Fall Conference will be held on on the following dates on the Purdue University-West Lafayette Campus. For additional information contact Marti Burns. Registration always begins on June 1st of the Conference year.

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Past Events

2014 Pet Bird Symposium Lectures

Note: These lectures are password protected and intended for attendees only.

1. Behavioral History as Part of Routine PE – Dr. Angela Lennox (.pdf)

2. Updates in Avian Sedation, Anesthesia and Analgesia – Dr. Angela Lennox (.pdf)

3. Working up Reproductive Disease/Cloacal Disorders – Dr. Amber Lee (.pdf)

4. In-House Rapid Diagnostic Testing – Dr. Angela Lennox (.pdf)

5. Pet Bird Imaging Overview – Dr. Annett-Carolin Habich (.pdf)

6. Pediatric and Orphan Care for Psittacines and Passerines – Dr. Annett-Carolin Habich (.pdf)

7. Triage Management in Pet Birds – Dr. Annett-Carolin Habich (.pdf)

8. Therapeutics for Parasitic and Fungal/Yeast Disease – Dr. Steve Thompson (.pdf)

9. Cardiac Disease in Birds – Dr. Lori Corriveau (.pdf)