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PVAA Board Member Profiles

Dr. Christopher Hall Dr. Christopher Hall
DVM 2010
Indianapolis, IN 

Current position: Associate Veterinarian, Benfield Pet Hospital, Indianapolis.
Favorite Purdue memory: Receiving the Senior Leadership Award at the Honors and Awards Banquet.
Why do you participate in PVAA: To keep abreast of happenings at the College, show my support for the great education through the College, and to help keep other alumni engaged in the College.



Dr. Sandra NormanDr. Sandra (Sandi) Norman
DVM 1980
Indianapolis, IN 

Current position: Director, Companion Animal/Equine, Indiana Board of Animal Health
Most influential PVM Faculty Members: Dr. Ralph Richardson and Dr. Alan Rebar.  They taught me to believe in myself and my abilities.  




Dr. Mark StanforthDr. Mark Stanforth
DVM 1982
Kokomo, IN 

Current position: Practitioner/owner, Kokomo Animal Hospital, Inc.
Favorite Purdue tradition: Football games – still buy season tickets and tailgate at every game.  Loved sitting together as a Vet School class on Saturdays, back when we got our tickets in the student section as part of our tuition.
What advice would you give to a student who is about to graduate: Get involved in some aspect of organized veterinary medicine. Our profession is way too small to not be connected with others.   


Dr. Melissa JusticeDr. Melissa Justice
DVM 1998
Anderson, IN 

Current position: Field veterinarian, Indiana Board of Animal Health; Small Animal Emergency
Most influential PVM Faculty Members: Connie and Cheryl from Radiology because they made Radiology a fun place to be!  Also, Dr. Jim Toombs because he had such high expectations from us as students and made us rise to the challenge.
What advice would you give to a student who is about to graduate: Be confident in your skills as a veterinarian but don’t assume you know everything. Learn everything you can in practice, spend time with senior veterinarians and listen to your technicians, they know a lot of practical information.   


Dr. Julie DavisDr. Julie Davis
DVM 2005
Modoc, IN 

Current position: Owner of Circle D Veterinary Services, a mobile, large animal practice in rural Indiana
Most influential PVM Class: Large animal surgery, a fun learning environment to become proficient in the skills we use every day.
What advice would you give to a student who is about to graduate: Enjoy! What may seem miserable at the time will become a great story in hindsight.   



Kristin HusbandKristin Husband
RVT 2002
Huntington, IN 

Current position: Program RVT and Instructor at International Business College, Fort Wayne, IN
Why do you participate in PVAA: To stay up-to-date on changes and promote the college and our profession.
Most influential PVM Faculty Members: The Vet Tech faculty in general – Dr. Bill, Sue, Jamie, Pam.  They were always willing to help, talk and laugh with us.  And of course, candy was always available to get you through.  



Amanda LaneyAmanda Laney
RVT 2005
Greencastle, IN 

Current position: Part-time RVT and pharmacy business owner
Favorite Purdue memory: Taking a ride on the Continuum sculpture horse in front of Lynn Hall with fellow technicians.
Why do you participate in PVAA: To be involved in decisions that will help to move the College into the future.  




David YountsDr. David Younts
DVM 1968
Pendleton, IN 

Current position: Semi-retired
Most influential faculty member: Dr. Harold Amstutz, who was always a good mentor and helped me obtain my first job. Veterinary medicine has allowed me to have a good life and my education at Purdue started it all.





Blythe SwangerBlythe Swanger
RVT 2002
Columbus, IN

Current position: RVT at Broad Ripple Animal Clinic and Wellness Center
Most influential faculty member: Sarah Schroeder, RVT because she was great at teaching and relating to students.  If you wanted to learn a skill or try something new, she was right there.  I learned jugular catheter placement and that was an advanced skill.
Why do you participate in PVAA: To learn about what the College is doing and to give the technician's perspective. I want to help make sure that the technician alumni are not forgotten once they leave.  


Glen PullenDr. Glenn Pullen
DVM 1986
Columbus, IN

Current position: Co-owner, Seymour Animal Hospital P.C.
Purdue favorite memory: I enjoyed going to the athletic events at Purdue.  I have continued with season tickets for football and basketball.
What advice would you give to a student who is about to graduate: Stay humble, respect others, and treat people with respect and dignity.  Realize that being a veterinarian is a privilege. Represent the profession with dignity.  


Andrew PickeringDr. Andrew Pickering
DVM 1971
Terre Haute, IN

Current position: Partner, Wabash Valley Animal Hospital
Why do you participate in PVAA: To support the College and to learn more about the College.
What advice would you give to a student who is about to graduate: Find a practice you enjoy and work hard at becoming a partner or owner.  




Lawrence StaufferDr. Lawrence Stauffer
DVM 1967
Delphi, IN

Current position: Practitioner
Most influential faculty member: Dr. Ken Meyer, his mentoring and guidance for nearly 50 years.
Why do you participate in PVAA: It's a chance to keep in touch and to help spread the word about College activities.